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Rug Hooking Instructions

Step-by-step directions for making your own heirloom
to enjoy for generations to come.

Getting Started

STEP 1: Get an overview! Compare the rug design in your color photo with the outline design on the rug jute. When you start hooking you will want to start with a color that is in the middle of the rug.

STEP 2: Roll your yarn into balls (not too tightly).

STEP 3: Make a color chart by cutting a piece of cardboard and punching holes along the edge 1 inch apart. Cut and tie a 3 inch piece of yarn for every color to each hole and mark color number in pen.

STEP 4: Position is important! Select a comfortable chair with a back. If there are arms on the chair make sure they don't restrict your movement. Make sure your feet touch the floor.

STEP 5: Create a rug frame with your lap. One of the nicest things about rug hooking is that a frame is not necessary. This makes your rug project very portable - a real plus for today's on-the-go lifestyles. You should now be in a sitting position with your feet placed several inches apart on the floor. The ball of yarn should be on the floor between your feet with the strand reaching to your lap. Tuck the rug jute under your upper legs. Keep the jute taut as though it is on a frame with your legs. Keep the section of the design you are hooking positioned in the middle of your lap.

Step-by-Step continued...

 How-to for Rug Hooking
by renowned designer Claire Murray

Because rug hooking is a leisurely craft and not an exact art such as needlepoint or counted cross stitch, it allows much more room for personal expression. I encourage all of our hookers to relax and experiment. The direction of your hooking does not matter, just randomly fill in the spaces with yarn. It's just like coloring in a coloring book. The principle is to outline an area and fill it in with color. It is not necessary to count stitches, and please do not fill every hole of the jute, as your rug will be too stiff - similar to a sweater that has been knitted too tightly. Happy hooking!


Our kits are carefully assembled by hand with everything you need to complete your Claire Murray rug. A numbered diagram has been included to show where to insert the corresponding yarn colors. Remember, this is a creative process, so you shouldn't worry about minor changes that you feel personalize your rug.

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