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All Rugs 5x7 and larger will be special ordered at no additional charge,
anticipated delivery 10-12 weeks. 20% OFF

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Cape Cod Seashells Grid 5x7

Chatham 5x7ft

By the Sea 5x7

By the Sea 7x9

By the Sea 9x12

Cape Cod Coastal 5x7

Cape Cod Coastal 7x9 Large

Cape Cod Coastal 7 ft sq

Cape Cod Coastal 8x10

New Coastal Village 5x7

Coastal Village 6x9 Large

Coastal Village 9x12

Chesapeake Bay SkipJack 5x7

Nantucket Girls Song 5x7

Chesapeake Bay 5x7 Geometric / Shells

Chesapeake Bay Geo Shells 7x9

Chesapeake Bay 5x7 Stripes!

Chesapeake Bay5x7 Stripes!

Sirens Song 5 x 7

La Mer 5x7

La Mer 5x7

Seashells  8x10

SeaShells & BeachPea 6x8

Seashell & Beachpea Toss Blue 5x7

Seashell & Beachpea Toss grey 5x7

Seaside Garden 11ft

Seaside Garden 6' Round

Seashells Medallion 5x7

Seashells Medallion 7x9

SeaShells 5 x 7 /Art Deco Border - Aqua

SeaShells 5 x 7 /Art Deco Border - Blue

SeaShells 5 x 7 /Art Deco Border - Sisal

SeaShells 5x7 / Wave - Aqua

SeaShells 5x7 / Wave - Blue

SeaShells 5x7 / Wave - Green

SeaShells 5x7 / Wave - Sisal

Cape Cod SeaShells Grid 5x7 Green

Cape Cod SeaShells Grid 7x9 Sisal

Cape Cod SeaShells Grid 7x9 Aqua

Cape Cod SeaShells Grid 7x9 Green

Sailing 7x9

Sailing 5x7

Nantucket Rainbow Fleet 5x7

Nantucket Rainbow Fleet 6ft rnd

Nantucket Rainbow Fleet 9ft rnd

Nantucket Rainbow Fleet 7x9

Cat Boat 9x12

Seashell Medallion 9x12

Blue Meadow 7ft round

Claire's Cottage Black 5x7

Lacecap Hydrangea  6x9

Lacecap Hydrangea 8x10

Garden Lattice Dark 9x12

Garden Lattice Light 9x12

Claire's Garden 8' Large Round

Claire's Garden Large

Hydrangea 6x8 Large

Hydrangea 8x10 Large

Blue Meadow 5 x 7

Botanical 7x9 White

Botanical 7x9 Black

Botanical Fruit 7 ft Round Large

Botanical Grid 6x9 Black

Millefleur 7x9 Black

Harvest 8' Round Black

Harvest 7x9 Large Black

Harvest 9x12

Cape Cod SeaShells Grid 5x7 Aqua

Cape Cod SeaShells Grid 5x7 Sisal

Circles Revisited 5 x 7 Dark

Log Cabin Large 7x9

Nantucket Rose Toss 5x7

Whales 7x9 DarK

Sea Nymph 5 x 7

Cape Cod Cat Boat 7ft square

Cat Boats Round 6' Large

Cape Cod Cat Boats 8' Round Large

Cat Boats Round 10 ft XLarge

Cape Cod Cat Boat 8 x 10 Large

Coastal Breeze 5x8

All back issues

Inaugural Collector's Limited Edition Vol 1

Collector's Limited Edition Vol 2

Collector's Limited Edition Vol. 3

La Vie Claire Individual Issues

Seashell Capris

Sailors Delight Round 6 ft Large

Coral Reef 6 ft Round

Coral Reef 7x9 Large

Coral Reef 8 ft round

Nantucket Village Silk Scarf

Sirens Silk Scarf

Sweet Dreams Silk Scarf

Meadow Floral

Our Nation's Garden Oval 8x12 Black

Vintage Rose 9x12 - Special Order

Hydrangea Extra Large 9x12

Birds of Paradise 7x9 Dark

Botanical Dark 9x12

Botanical Light 9x12

Millefleur Black 9x12

Millefleur Sage 9x12

Millefleur White 9x12

Our Nation's Garden Large White

Our Nation's Garden Large Black

Our Nation's Garden  9x12 White

Our Nations Garden 9x12 Black

Duffel, large

Tablet Sleeve

E-reader Sleeve

Mermaid Placemats



Blue Meadow Set Place Mats, Trivets, Coasters On sale now

Nantucket Cottage Set Place Mats

Tablet Sleeve

E-reader Sleeve

Duffel, large

Tablet Sleeve

E-reader Sleeve

Chanticleer Rooster 5x7 Dark

Chanticleer Rooster 7x9

Chanticleer 8 ft Square

French Sunflower 5 x 7  Check

Birds of the Everglades 5x7

Birds of the everglades 7x9

Log Cabin 9x12

Wine Country 9x12 Light

Wine Country 9x12 Dark


Duffel, large

Women and the Sea Limited Edition

Single Issues 2010

NE Wildflower 7x9 black, blue, white

NE Wildflower 9x12 black, blue, white

Tote, large


Duffel, large

Tablet Sleeve

E-reader Sleeve

Mountain Meadow Charcoal Grey Background 5x8

Mountain Meadow 9x12

Seashells 9x12

Coral Reef 9x12 Xlarge

Whales 9x12 Special Order

Cape Cod SeaShells Grid 9x12 Aqua

Cape Cod SeaShells Grid 9x12 Beige

Cape Cod SeaShells Grid 9x12 Green

Cape Cod SeaShells Grid 9x12 Blue

Cape Cod Cat Boat 9x12 Extra Large

French Country xlarge

Button 9x12

Button 6 ft sq

Button 8x10 Large

Schoolhouse Antique 9x12

Button 8x10 Large Light

Nantucket Village Silk Scarf

New England Wildflowers Silk Scarf, Light

Sirens of the Sea Silk Scarf

Springtime Fantasy Silk Scarf, Dark

Springtime Fantasy Silk Scarf, Light

Sweet Dreams Silk Scarf